The Digital Development Center stresses the need to legislate on cyber crimes

The Digital Development Center (DDC) and the House of Representatives stressed the need to pass a bill on cyber security.

In a statement, the center said, “The center is closely following up on this issue, especially since the parliament tried to introduce the cybercrime law since 2009, then in 2019, but discussions and objections to some articles prevented its legislation.”

He added, “After the widespread introduction of technology into every Iraqi home, especially social networking sites, the state requires legislation, provided that it does not affect the public freedoms and democratic rights enjoyed by the Iraqi citizen.”

And he continued, “Social media sites have become the most accessible tool that can be used by all parties, whether it is at the level of ordinary citizens, or at the level of parties hostile to Iraq, noting that “these social platforms can be a tool for general defamation or defamation of individuals, which necessitates a special law to be implemented in this area.”

He explained, “All of Iraq’s neighbors have enacted laws in this regard, to prevent harmful impacts in societies and also to strengthen cyber security, noting that Iraq is currently in dire need of such a law.”

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