About Us

The Digital Development Center (DDC) is a civil society organization engaged in developing the communications and information technology sector.


To bridge the digital divide and transform Iraq into a digital society with digital citizenship in order to build an advanced national economy and improve the quality of life for citizens.

Ways to achieve the vision

  1. Increase the rates of spread and use of ICT tools among all segments of society.

  1. Enable digital citizenship by disseminating ideas, principles, programs and methods.

Disseminating the knowledge that parents, teachers, educators and supervisors need about the use of technology so that they can guide children, students and technology users in general.

  1. Obtain commitment from all stakeholders; advancement of the sector is a participatory, complementary and coordinating responsibility within a clear framework of tasks and roles between public and private sectors, civil society organizations and academic institutions in a framework of transparency, accountability and integrity.

  1. Highlight the sector to the government by providing facilities and formulating public policies that stimulate investment and monitor budgets and finance.


Goals of the Center

1 – Develop human resources in the field of information technology and communications in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the stage of development and that meet the needs of the market.

2- Spread awareness and digital culture among members of society.

3- Support the telecommunications and information technology communications sector through workshops, seminars, conferences, studies and research.

4- Create an appropriate digital environment to encourage companies and stakeholders to enter and invest in this vital sector.

5 – Nurture the capabilities and energies of talented youth and distinguished professionals at different stages.

6- Provide support and advice to stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

7- Contribute to the support of graduates with higher degrees and to their uptake of research and specialized studies, as well as Consulting.

8- A link between the governmental public sector and the private sector.

9- Harmonization between internal and external experiences through communication with

international organizations, groups and regional teams with specializations, such as 3GPP, ITU, SAMENA, MENA IEEE…

10- Contribute to the formulation of strategic decisions of the Iraqi state

related to the telecommunications and information technology communications sector.

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